Water For Life

Will you stand with us as we commit to providing people with safe clean water?

At Fields of Life we are deeply concerned about the lack of available clean water supply in East Africa, especially among vulnerable and marginalised groups, such as women and children. Many communities survive by drinking contaminated water, which often lead to diseases such as bilharzia, cholera and typhoid.

Since 2009, thanks to our generous donors, we have been providing impoverished communities with clean water. Our dedicated and committed Fields of Life teams and water partners work tirelessly drilling 10-12 wells each month, bringing clean water to an additional 330 people everyday.

It is our goal to bring safe drinking water to over one million people by 2020. Will you join us in the Water for Life campaign?

A gift of only £4 a month can provide clean water for one child.




Download the Fields of Life £4 a Month Water leaflet for more information.

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