WASH incorporates our water & health promotion projects, bringing clean water closer to communities, by tapping into groundwater, drilling wells, protecting springs, harvesting rainwater, providing water filters, improving access to sanitation & promoting good hygiene.

Recent WASH Projects

Morukunyangai Well Image
Pamaraka Well Image

Pamaraka Well

Kidoko Well Image

Kidoko Well

Kirewa Well Image

Kirewa Well

Okello-Kuc Well Image
Obalo-Pii Well Image
Aterait Well Image

Aterait Well

Mairo-South Well Image
Amolatar HQ A Well Image
Agikdak Seed Secondary School Well Image
Anyal Wake Well Image
Angorom Well Image

Angorom Well

Oturo-rao B Well Image
Ocamo Nyang Well Image
Amolatar Technical School Well Image
Ading C Image

Ading C

Awelo Ber Well Image
Awei Peko Well Image
Aninolal Well Image

Aninolal Well

Opir Primary School Well Image
Mt Everest Primary School Image
Aoja Well Image

Aoja Well

Obanga-Twero Well Image
Omoloko-a Well Image
Jele Well Image

Jele Well

Orajai Well Image

Orajai Well

Manyenye Well Image
South Sudan

Manyenye Well

Namariabia Church Well Image
Orja Village Image
South Sudan

Orja Village

Nagudie Village Well Image
South Sudan

Nagudie Village Well

Mariko Village Well Image
South Sudan

Mariko Village Well

Yangu Village Well Image
South Sudan

Yangu Village Well

Mirua Church Well Image
South Sudan

Mirua Church Well

Nabanga School Well Image
South Sudan

Nabanga School Well

Ibba Girls Boarding School Well Image
Solidarity Teacher Training - Jennifer Image
Solidarity Teacher Training - Eliaba Image
Tokor Well Image

Tokor Well

Kasechi Well Image

Kasechi Well

Kajeliek Well Image

Kajeliek Well

Omonyono Well Image

Omonyono Well

Apungurei Well Image
Lutengo Well Image

Lutengo Well

Apwo Well Image

Apwo Well

Jerusalem Medical School Image
Okongo Well Image

Okongo Well

Akisim Well Image

Akisim Well

Kipinyang Well Image
Dara Christian High School Well Image
Atapar Well Image

Atapar Well

Osepai Well Image

Osepai Well

Omodoi-Akintu Borehole Image
Treasured Kids Primary School Image
Jehovah Jirah Primary School Image
Kings Primary School Image
St. Stephens Nursery and Primary School Image
Onialeku Primary School Image
Ryamugwizi Primary School Image
Kkalwe Tumwesigye Image
Ongoromo Primary School Image
Nyakabale Primary School Image
Sir Apollo Kivebulaya Primary School Image
St. Marg Lex Primary School Image
El Shaddai Primary School Image
Bethel Christian School Image
Ogenda Girls Secondary School Image
Bethel Royal Secondary School Image
Rock Foundation School Image
Hidden Treasure Primary School Image
Burunga Alliance Primary School Image
Adullum Primary School Image
Voice of Hope Primary School Image
Good Shepherd Primary School Image
Faith Primary School Image
Joan Jordan Primary School Image
God Cares Primary School Image
Kirembe Focus Primary School Image
Voice of Life Image

Voice of Life

Mahwa Joy Secondary School Image
Matana Arch-Bishops School Image
Etienn's Fraternity School Image
Voice of Salvation Image
Harvest Primary School Image
Scripture Union School Image
New Life Primary School Image
Future Hope Primary School Image
Pierre Nkurunziza Primary School Image
Faith Primary School Mwaro Image
Rock High School Image
Gihanga Christian Elementary Image
Hope Vocational Training School Image
Ngozi Secondary School Image
Gihundwe Focus Image
Kairos Primary School Image
Nyarusiza Focus Image
Faith Preparatory Primary School Image
Hilltop Academy Image
Assemblies Of God Image
Democratic Republic of Congo

Assemblies Of God

Church Army Primary School Image
Fields of Life Education Centre Image
Okobua Well Image

Okobua Well

Kakere-Gagama Primary School Well Image
Kidongole Well Image
Lelatar Well Image

Lelatar Well

Kakere Central Well Image
Hope Comprehensive Secondary School Well Image
Kongoidi Well Image

Kongoidi Well

Okinyang Well Image

Okinyang Well

Osangai Well Image

Osangai Well

Ogengo Well Image

Ogengo Well

Chodong Well Image

Chodong Well

Apolo Na Ngor Image

Apolo Na Ngor

Omatakiria Well Image
Agape Primary School Well Image
Kabembe Well Image

Kabembe Well

Apua Primary School Well Image
Acurun Well Image

Acurun Well

Alelesi-Oriau Well Image
Olilim Well Image

Olilim Well

Achaapa Well Image

Achaapa Well

El Shaddai Primary School‏ Image
Ogenda Girls High School Image
Alidi “A” Well Image
St. Peter’s Primary School Well Image
Aboloneno ‘A’ Well Image
Adogmonmio Well Image