This past year has served as a reminder that when a crisis strikes, it is all too often the vulnerable who suffer the most. 

For many children in countries like Uganda, the impact of COVID-19 will be catastrophic.  Most schools have now re-opened, but the challenges of last year mean that many children will not return to school. Many vulnerable families have fallen further into poverty.  Teenage pregnancies and child marriages have increased. 

  • Without an education 
    Since March 2020, COVID-19 school closures have left 15 million Uganda children out of school.

  • Without safety & protection
    Many women and children are unsafe as they face an increased risk of gender-based violence,  exploitation. Teenage pregnancies have increased, and young girls are being forced into early marriage while still children themselves.

  • Without food
    Many families were struggling before COVID-19. Those who were vulnerable have been pushed further into poverty through loss of jobs and income. Many children and young people are only receiving one meal a day.

  • Without resources
    80% of children and young people who have been out of school are unable to take part in online learning.

  • Without a childhood
    As families are pushed further into poverty, an increasing number of children are being forced into child labour.

We risk a lost generation of children who will never return to school.
542 children and young people urgently need our help.

Sow the Seed of Hope

from £12 a month

Edith is 7 years old and is worried that she will never return to school, the one place she felt safe. Since her school closed last March, she spends her day doing chores at  home.  Every day she is at risk of being forced into early marriage. You can help protect girls like Edith from exploitation. 

Sow the Seed of Opportunity

£24 a month

Denis is 10 years old and has never gone to school. His family can’t afford the fees, and he faces being trapped in the cycle of poverty. You can sponsor a child like Denis and give him a quality education within a thriving school environment.

Sow the Seed of Love

£100 a month

Judith was orphaned at 8, sexually abused at 12, and widowed at 20. The pandemic has made her even more vulnerable. Her livelihood and future are threatened. You can provide a vocational scholarship to a young person like Judith living in extreme poverty. 

A Time to Sow Event

You’re invited to see first-hand the difference that education can make to a young person’s life in East Africa!

Harriet’s Story

School was a safe place for Harriet, but without it, the lockdown left her alone and destitute.

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