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Keframa Secondary School

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The ‘Keframa School Build’ was launched on a sunny afternoon in September 2016 and the inspirational group behind this project were able to share their plans and some of the Keframa story.

Keframa Secondary School is special place which has been founded by an inspirational family, the Kezzy family. This remarkable bunch of people have faced life in a warzone and struggled in abject poverty to make ends meet, yet their desire to establish a place of education for the least and the vulnerable in society is extraordinary.

The school has been operational since 2011. It has approximately 220 students and lessons take place in ramshackle buildings with whatever can be cobbled together. Despite the basic facilities the students are happy to be given the opportunity to study and be part of the Keframa family.

Everyone makes sacrifices at Keframa for the sake of keeping the school going. The staff sometimes will not take their salary if money is not available and it means that there’s not enough food for the school- it’s incredible that the school remains open and that students are attaining such good results in these circumstances.

The ‘Keframa School Build’ aims to build a secondary school for 500 young people in northern Uganda.

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