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Let’s change the narrative

We are trying to change the lives of 5,294 people, and we urgently need your help to do this. As you read this, our team have identified 10 communities in Uganda who are in dire need of safe, clean water.
By 8am every day, after showers, brushing teeth, drinking coffee, and washing the dishes, my family have used more than 100 litres of water already. For a family like Rachel’s, this amount of water would be life changing.
Every day, Rachel gets up at 5am and walks 3 miles with her baby daughter to a dirty stream to collect water for her family.
“We walk frightened through the deserted bushes that lead to the water. I have heard stories of children being bitten by snakes and women being raped while walking to get water and this scares me. My biggest fear though is that I will lose one of my children someday to a water-borne illness.”

What I take for granted every day before 8am, would transform Rachel’s world and the quality of life for her children.
By 6am, Rachel is only just reaching the stream when she then has to scramble over long grass to get to the water which is shared with cattle. The water is brown and full of disease. After filling her jerrycan with 20 litres of dirty water, she carries the heavy load the whole way back to her home.

Exhausted, she knows she has no choice but to do this whole journey all over again later that day.

You can change Rachel’s narrative

I want to give the gift of clean water, hygiene and sanitation to: 

£17 provides one person like Rachel with clean, safe water every day

£86 provides a whole family like Rachel’s with 100 litres of clean, safe water every day

£860 provides 10 families like Rachel’s with 100 litres of clean, safe water every day

£8,600 provides an entire community with a borehole

The gift of clean water for a community can: