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Classroom or cattle shed?

South Sudan latrine

“I worry every day for my daughter’s safety.”

In February, I travelled to Musalaba Primary School in Northern Uganda where I was shocked to see 87-nursery aged children crammed into small, makeshift, mud-walled structures. I was horrified to learn that when it rains, the roof leaks and the classrooms become flooded, putting these little children in danger and destroying the few learning materials they have.

During my visit, I met Mary, whose four-year old daughter, Teopista, is in nursery. Mary said, “I worry every day for my daughter’s safety. Most days Teopista comes home covered in dirt from having to sit on the floor, but I still have to send her as I don’t want her to fall behind when she joins primary school.”

As I watched these little children sitting on dusty floors, struggling to write and draw, I could not help but think how we would not even keep animals in conditions like this back home. Yet, here are children having their safety compromised daily, all so that they can go to school.

We need your help to build a new, safe and secure nursery building so these precious little children no longer have to sit in a cattle shed and parents are no longer forced to choose between education and safety.

You can protect children today: 

  • Give hope – £21 could provide 10 children with story books and resources

  • Give education – £65 could provide a nursery with blackboards to support learning

  • Give dignity – £235 could provide 10 children with chairs and desks so they no longer have to sit on a dirty floor

  • Give protection – £1,500 could provide 10 children with a roof on their nursery so they are protected

  • Give safety – £7,500 could provide 10 children with a new nursery building so they can thrive

In Uganda, 9 in 10 children aged between 3-5 years old miss out on formal pre-primary education. Yet, access to early education is proven to be one of the best investments overall for lasting development. When children are reached early:

  • Their risk of dying under the age of 5 is reduced;
  • They are more likely to do well at school;
  • They are more likely to break the cycle of poverty.

They are given hope and the opportunity to thrive.

Please join with us and together we can protect these little children and give hope for a better future.