Claudine’s Story

When you provide children with access to quality education you give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Thanks to your support, 3 primary schools in Rwanda have recently been supplied with a range of new textbooks. The teachers were delighted to receive the new resources that have helped to improve the quality of their lessons and make the classroom more enjoyable for their students. 

Claudine, Primary 2 Teacher at Nyarusiiza Gasumba Focus Primary School:

“I used to teach children using one textbook, it was hard for the children to see the illustrations in the textbook during my lessons. Now that they each have a textbook, they are able to see what is in the book while I deliver my lesson.

I can now prepare my lessons using the textbook and I am able to cover more in my lessons as I can give children an exercise from the book without wasting time having to write it on the chalk board. When children have to do homework, they can take the books home with them and return with the homework done. The books have illustrations in colour and this attracts the attention of my learners towards learning.”

“Generally having the textbooks has made my work of teaching much easier and enjoyable, we thank you for giving us textbooks, this helps a lot, for us teachers and our learners”.

Thank you for partnering with us to help children receive a quality education and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. 

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