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Combatting COVID-19


Handwashing has become a part of all of our lives in the fight against COVID-19. However, for many communities in East Africa, this is no easy task. We have been working with our church and community partners to identify people who suffer from a lack of essentials like soap and clean water.

Despite being the largest hospital in the area, Amolotar Health Centre only has one handwashing facility. Fields of Life and community partners delivered soap, jerry cans, basins and PPE for which the District Health Officer, Dr James Odongo, expressed thanks:

“Sharing one handwashing facility at Amolatar Health Centre posed a big risk to hundreds of people contracting the virus. Now that we have received more facilities, the safety of our patients and visitors will no longer be compromised”. 


Food security is another problem made worse by COVID-19.  Zahara, who lives with her family in one of Kampala’s largest slums resorted to scavenging in the rubbish for scraps of bread for her children to eat. On the day that food parcels were distributed in her community, her family were planning to eat stale bread. Instead they received enough food for the next 3 weeks. In her own words, Zahara said:

“Tonight’s dinner just changed from expired bread to plates with rice, beans, tomatoes, and soup that haven’t sat on anyone else’s table or trash can.”


Over 250,000 people have been reached with accurate and reliable information regarding health, sanitation and social distancing. Messages are being spread by local radio and thousands of posters approved by the Ministry of Health:

“We greatly value Fields of Life’s contribution to Kumi district to fight COVID-19… I’m very excited about the posters produced in the local language, as most of our people can’t read English. I am certain that no one is going to be left behind in our struggle against COVID-19”.

-Christine Apolot, Chairperson of the local council in Kumi District

We would like to sincerely thank you for helping us to share God’s message of hope and love to vulnerable communities in a practical way in the midst of such difficult circumstances. We value your prayers as we continue to stand with and support these communities in the months ahead.