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Huzaifa’s Story

Huzaifa's Story

The Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda robbed many families of their livelihoods and left them struggling to meet their basic needs. Families like Huzaifa’s, a Primary Six pupil at Kkalwe Elim Primary School. His father is a taxi driver and the sole bread winner.

When transport restrictions were brought into place, Huzaifa’s father had no work and was unable to support his family.

Huzaifa had learnt how to make reusable sanitary towels at school as part of the I AM GIRL project and decided to put these skills to use to help his family. He asked his parents for support to buy a few materials to start with, and he taught his siblings and his mother how to make the reusable sanitary pads. 

At first, Huzaifa’s family had no idea how successful the business might be.

Amazingly, when they started to sell the finished products, they found they were able to sell a minimum of 5 pads every day at 1,000 Ugandan shillings each. This income was crucial to enabling Huzaifa and his family to buy some food and survive the lockdown during the most difficult days.

Thank you for helping to change Huzaifa’s story. Huzaifa is an example of many pupils whose lives and families have been transformed during this lockdown thanks to the incredible support of people like you!  

Huzaifa's Story