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Joyce’s Story

Joyce is a Primary 7 pupil at Truth Primary School in Uganda. Joyce and her mother told one of our sponsorship officers about the difference that sponsorship has made to the whole family.

“My mother is a widow who has been taking care of us ever since we lost our father years back. She works in a stone quarry to look after me, my two brothers, and three sisters. My mother has always been very happy for the chance I got with Fields of Life to be in school from nursery until now.”

When schools in Uganda closed in 2021, sponsorship support didn’t stop! Joyce was one of many children provided with an animal during Uganda’s long lockdown.

“When Covid-19 came and schools closed, we thought support from Fields of Life was going to stop. It was so heartwarming when I kept receiving calls from Fields of Life trying to understand how we were surviving the lock-down. We received support, including the goat that was given to Joyce.” Joyce’s Mother

Whilst the gift of a goat may seem small to some, owning an animal had always been out of reach for Joyce’s family. The goat has already given birth to 2 healthy kids, and Joyce’s mother couldn’t wait to share her plans for the future.

“Once the number of goats grows I will stop going to the quarry to work, because it is life threatening for me to do such hard work. If the goats can multiply, I will sell some to pay fees for Joyce’s siblings to go to school. I am so happy for the sponsorship of my daughter; it is not only a blessing to her but to the entire family. I might never meet the sponsor of my daughter and I don’t have the right words to express my appreciation. I will support my daughter to keep in school so we don’t disappoint our sponsor.” Joyce’s mother