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Kayinja’s Story

Today we celebrate World Water Day and the incredible difference you make to rural communities when you give the life changing gift of clean water.

Many rural communities in East Africa do not have access to a safe water source. Women and girls travel long distances to collect water from ponds and swamps of dirty water used by animals. Your support helps the Fields of Life drilling team to provide rural communities with boreholes, tapping in to groundwater and making the invisible visible!

The gift of clean water transforms communities, improving health and giving girls more opportunity to focus on education. One woman whose life has been changed by a borehole is Kayinja:
Kayinja's Story
Kayinja’s Story

“My name is Kayinja Alisat. I am 32 years old, and I am a widow with 7 children. We have been walking for about 1.5 kilometres to fetch water each day. That pump is shared by three villages, which leads to many problems. Overcrowding of the borehole led to rapid breakdown of both the well and the community relations. Sometimes, this meant we had to go to the swamp to get our water.

I am so thankful for the drillers for coming to our community. They have stopped the suffering we went through due to lack of safe clean water in our community. God came in at the right time for the rescue. Glory be to God forever for He always answers the prayer of the widow”. 

Thank you for changing Kayinja’s story by providing the life changing gift of clean water.