Moses’ Story

Moses and his tool kit

Thanks to the support of people like you, education is changing lives and bringing hope for students like Moses.

When Moses reached the age to start school his mother was not able to afford to pay for his school fees. She worried about what his future would look like.

As part of the Fields of Life Child Sponsorship programme Moses was selected to receive sponsorship support beginning at nursery level and continuing right through secondary school. Moses was so thankful for the opportunity to get an education and after finishing secondary school he chose to study a vocational course in mechanics.

Moses has recently completed a National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering and, thanks to the support of his sponsor, has been equipped with a toolkit to help him get started in his work as a mechanic.

Thankful that the knowledge, skills and tools he has acquired have helped him to earn an income, Moses can now provide for his family and feels hopeful for his future. He hopes to save up to build a new home for his mother.

Moses’ story is just one of thousands of stories of students whose lives have been transformed by your support. Thank you for providing children in East Africa with hope for the future and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. 

To find out more about how you can support a child or young person with the life changing gift of education click the links below!

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