Music for Life

Music for Life

Developing Students Through Music

Chart-topping and award winning Irish classically trained singer and songwriter Victoria Johnston is partnering with Fields of Life in fundraising to roll out a pilot programme called ‘Music for Life’ for 2 Fields of Life schools in Uganda. 

This fundraiser and pilot programme will require the procurement of music instruments to facilitate the teaching of music education. Your donation will directly impact 300 boys and 380 girls at Good Shepherd and Nakapinyi Primary school in Central Uganda.

As a music educator herself in Ireland, Victoria has seen the benefits that music education and learning instruments provides for both adults and young people and contacted Fields of Life suggesting the positive contribution that a music programme could bring to some of their schools. 

Instruments for each school will include: Drums, Xylophones, Uganda tube fiddles, shakers, flutes, guitars, bangles, rattles, Uganda trumpets, bells and 1 piano per school. These instruments will all be purchased locally in Uganda to support the local economy. 

You can help us provide an outlet for young people to explore their creative talents through music. With your financial support you can help create a love of music as a medium of learning in 2 Fields of Life partner schools in Central Uganda through this Music for Life programme. 

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