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Never Lose Hope

Growing up in Nakasongola in central Uganda, Deborah’s family could not afford to pay the cost of her school fees. But thanks to a kind sponsor, she was sponsored through the Fields of Life Child Sponsorship Programme and given the opportunity to attend St Apollo Primary School. The motto of St Apollo Primary School is “Never Lose Hope”. Only 25% of girls make it to the end of secondary school in Uganda but Deborah didn’t lose hope and was able to beat the odds and complete her secondary level education. She is now studying to become a nurse and is currently on placement at a hospital located between the Uganda and DR Congo border.

“Going in to nursing was a heart felt decision for me. I thank the Almighty for the opportunity to become a nurse because I cherish every moment I can use to serve Him through serving His people.

When I initially started nursing, I found it hard to cope with all the demands of the course. But on the day I was allocated to practice in the paediatrics department, I realised that as medical staff we can help to add days to people’s lives.  

I enjoy working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, giving life support and care to babies. Seeing a baby thrive is one of my biggest joys and it makes me look forward to when I graduate as a nurse.

Nursing is a call from God, and indeed I was chosen to love and serve. As a Year Two nursing practitioner, I have learnt to respect patients and to be passionate and empathetic. Furthermore, I have been challenged to become a role model to others.

I thank Almighty God for my sponsors who pay for my studies, for Fields of Life for being the channel through which I receive that support and for their continuous guidance. Thank you for making my academic journey possible!”

Along with Deborah’s hard work and determination, the gift of education has brought hope not just to her own future but to the lives of all the patients she will treat throughout her career in the years to come.

Thanks to the incredible support of people like you, students like Deborah are being given the life changing opportunity to complete their education and pursue meaningful careers that not only change lives but transform communities.