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Rebecca’s Story

Following training from Fields of Life, community members from Opilitok in Eastern Uganda formed a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). A small loan can make a big difference in helping community members to start their own businesses. Through Opilitok’s VSLA, Rebecca was able to borrow money to start her own business. Thanks to your support, she has learned skills which are transforming her family’s standard of living.

“I borrowed 150,000 UGX from the VSLA group and used it to start a mandazi (snacks) business in my community. I make them for the market every Saturday and have been making a profit of about 40,000 UGX to 50,000 UGX. My husband has also joined me and we are now running the business together. Thanks to the VSLA group, I can now afford medical care, foodstuff, weekly savings and scholastic materials for my children. My family live in a grass-thatched house but from the first cycle of savings I was able to buy 14 pieces of iron sheets. These will go towards building a new home for my family.”