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Reuben brings hope from Dublin to Uganda

Reuben is 5, lives in Dublin, and wants to be a builder when he grows up. His amazing efforts will change the life of a student in Uganda like Juliet.

Reuben’s proud mum got in touch with us to share his story…

Last November, Reuben’s mum and dad watched our online Inspire Conference. They felt inspired to raise some money for the Vocational Training College project and wanted to get Reuben involved. They told him about how hard life was for young people in Gulu in Northern Uganda, and how difficult it was for them to go to school. Reuben was really moved and resolved to do something to help.

Reuben got busy in the kitchen, making jars of blackberry jam and hundreds of gingerbread men!

His parents made a video to advertise Reuben’s ‘Goodies for Gulu’, and orders came flooding in. By Christmas, Reuben had raised an amazing €1,166.50!

His parents rounded this up to €1,200; the amount needed to sponsor a student for a whole year of vocational training at the VTI. Reuben has already decided to do another fundraiser, to raise the same amount again so that he can pay for a student’s entire two year course.

The money that Reuben has raised will pay for training for a student like Juliet. Growing up in Gulu, Juliet’s father was a primary school teacher, so school was a very important part of her life.

However, when Juliet was around the same age as Reuben, rebel soldiers killed her father and two older brothers. With no income, Juliet and her mother struggled to pay school fees. With help from relatives, and by planting and selling her own crops, Juliet managed to pay her way to secondary school. Unfortunately, the fees became too expensive, and she had to give up on her dream of finishing school and starting her own business.

When she heard about the VTI opening near her village, Juliet applied for a job as a cleaner there. When the Principal of the VTI talked to her and heard her story, he saw her potential and encouraged her to enrol in the Hair and Beauty course. All students at the VTI will also learn ICT and business skills, which will help Juliet follow her dream of opening her own salon. This will all be made possible thanks to a donor like Reuben!

How amazing that a boy from Dublin will change a life in Gulu!