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Small savings making a big impact in Rwanda

Thanks to the support of people like you, parents from Fields of Life partner schools in Rwanda have received training to form village savings groups. These small, member-run microfinancing groups enable those living in poverty to build savings and take out loans at low interest rates. They also create opportunities for families to generate income to feed their families and send their children to school.

Small savings making a big impact in Rwanda

“My name is Bernadette. I’m a widow with two girls in secondary school and one boy in Primary Five. Meeting the needs of my family was not easy but the training we received from Fields of Life opened my eyes to borrowing and investing in income generating activities. I took my first loan to start a coffee business and after a short time my capital doubled. Every week I began to get a profit of at least 3,000FRw* (Rwandan Francs), which had never happened before in my life. My children are happy with my business as it helps me to buy some school materials and food. I gathered all the money I had and was able to buy a pig which was my year’s target.” 

“My name is Samuel. Thanks to a loan of 30,000FRw, I was able to invest in buying and selling chickens. After three months, my investment was worth a profit of 50,000FRw, which I used to pay for school materials for my children. There is great benefit in being part of a savings group once you are determined to improve your living standards. I have hope that things are going to be even better as I continue to be part of my savings group.”

Small savings making a big impact in Rwanda

To be in a saving group is a blessing

“My name is Michel and I’ve been a saving group member from the beginning. This group helped me to pay for my family’s medical insurance. I was also able to borrow money to start a business selling potatoes where I get a profit of 10,000FRw every market day. This helped me to buy a bicycle and pay for the education of my nephew. To be in a saving group is a blessing!”

“My name is Marguerite. I have two children in primary school and two in secondary school. We used to rely on subsistence farming for our daily income but were not able to cover our family needs. I was thankful to join a parents’ saving group at the primary school and receive training from Fields of Life. God bless our trainer for his very important advice! I used a loan to invest in a banana business. From the profits I was able to expand by selling tea and in the future, I hope to sell bread and other fruit.”

We are inspired by the determination and resilience of these groups to improve their standard of living and create a better future for their children.

Thank you for bringing hope to families in Rwanda!