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Urgent Appeal – South Sudan

South Sudan latrine

We won’t stop until every child has access to a safe toilet. 

Children at Mamenze Primary school, South Sudan, are without any toilets, clean water, or sanitation facilities. Join us now to protect children from danger, sickness and disease.

When I recently visited Mamenze Primary in South Sudan, my heart broke watching hundreds of vulnerable children running to the bushes to relieve themselves because they had no safe toilet facilities. Older girls within the school, told me they are terrified going to the toilet because they are at risk of assault. As Head of Programmes for Fields of Life, I have seen many things, but this is something that shocked and moved me deeply. We must protect our children from danger, sickness and disease. We must allow our children to be safe at school. We won’t stop until every child has access to a safe toilet, handwashing facilities, and dignity. 

I believe that we must do everything we can to protect these children and provide good quality hygiene and sanitation facilities. As Jesus says, “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did also for me!” 

As someone who has been advocating for good health and sanitation for children for many years, I know the importance that this can have on a child’s education and development, especially for girls. Every child has the right to be healthy and should have access to clean water and well-constructed toilets at school at the very least, but this was not what I witnessed on my trip. It seems so simple, yet the impact is profound: Fewer children get sick, more children can stay in school, girls can stay at school and manage their menstruation in privacy, and our children can be safer. 

You can protect children today. 

Please join with us and together we can urgently protect these precious children. Your support can allow Fields of Life to construct 12 well-built, substantial latrine blocks at primary schools in South Sudan, including handwashing facilities, water tanks, and so much more.  

Thank you for protecting these children

Monica Nyakwera
Head of Programmes
Fields of Life East Africa

South Sudan latrine

You can protect children today: 

  • £32 can provide clean water to a child at school 

  • £1,250 can provide one latrine cubicle for children at school 

  • £10,000 can provide an entire latrine block of 8 latrine cubicles for a school 

Together, we can ensure that every child has access to safe toilets.