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Sponsorship: Brian’s Story

Brian has recently graduated university with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He was excited to share his story and show what a difference sponsorship and education can make! Brian also wants to thank his sponsor for her faithfulness in standing with him throughout his education. 

The Fields of Life sponsorship has helped Brian graduate university!

Before joining the sponsorship programme Brian believed he had no hope of ever gaining an education. From one week to the next, he and his sister didn’t know if they would be in or out of school, as their parents couldn’t consistently pay their fees.

Brian’s life changed when he joined the Fields of Life sponsorship programme in 2001. Sponsorship not only gave him the chance to stay in school, but this newfound stability also meant that Brian began making friends in school for the first time. Around this time, he met his best friend Simon, who Brian says is like a brother. Despite going to different universities, their bond has remained strong.

Aside from his education and his friendships, Brian says the most memorable thing about his sponsorship was the gift he received at Christmas in the first year after he joined the programme, because it was the first time he had ever been given a gift!