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Sponsorship: Deus’ Story

Deus’ story is like that of many children in Uganda. His family in poverty, Deus often struggled to pay school fees, meaning he was more often at home than at school. When he was in P.3, his life changed for good when he joined the Fields of Life sponsorship programme and gained the support of his sponsors.  

He says, “Throughout my life there are things I never expected to happen for me simply because of my family background. I never thought that I would grow up and be in a place that I am today as a graduate.” 

Throughout his sponsorship Deus has experienced love, care and support. He has received gifts through the programme like bags, books, pens, pencils, school uniform, shoes, blankets, bed sheets, and a solar lamp.  

Deus on his graduation day, achieved through the support of his sponsor and the sponsorship programme

In 2020, Deus graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Development from one of Uganda’s top universities. He said, “I give glory back to God and thank all the people that have been pivotal in me attaining my degree and everyone at Fields of life for giving me the much-needed support. To my sponsors that came alongside me in 2005, I know there is nothing I can give to pay back your kindness but, I promise to be a good citizen and whenever I can, I will stand in and support someone, like you did for me.” 

Thank you to Deus for sharing his story with us, and thank you to all our sponsors who are supporting students like him!