I AM GIRL Champions Transforming Communities

September is a busy month for many, as children get back to school and families settle back into familiar routines. Whilst things slowly return to normal for many of us, in East Africa Covid-19 is still disrupting life; restrictions remain in place and chil…

Thank You

Thank you, on behalf of every single child and family that has received your support in East Africa. You have ensured that though many have faced the challenges of another lockdown and children have spent yet another school term at home, they were not a…

The I am Loved Project

The Fields of Life team arrived at St Stephen’s Primary School and were welcomed into Head Teacher Margaret’s office. A 3-year strategic plan was on the wall. Incredibly, detailed among the plans was the pressing need to find children’s Bibles for chape…

Sponsorship: Brian’s Story

Brian has recently graduated university with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He was excited to share his story and show what a difference sponsorship and education can make! Brian also wants to thank his sponsor for her faithfulness in standing with h…

Sponsorship: Moses’ Story

“My name is Moses Baseke! I have been sponsored through Fields of Life since I was 9 years old. Both of my parents had passed away and my 3 siblings and I started living with our grandmother. Education was important to her, but e…

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