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Thank you for helping children back to school!

Schools in Uganda reopened in January after almost 2 years of closure and disruption. The support of Fields of Life child sponsors has been invaluable in helping children and their families through this incredibly challenging time, and back to school.

Not only did sponsors provide food, learning materials, animals, and solar lamps to sponsored children, but sponsors have also been helping schools and teachers over the past 2 years. Many schools have been provided with bibles, new latrines to improve sanitation and hygiene amongst pupils, and agricultural projects to enable schools to start school feeding programmes.

Exiting new projects at Nyapeya Primary School

Children at Nyapeya Primary School were excited to return in January to find that new latrines and a piggery project had been established! Miriam, a Primary 6 pupil, told our community development officer all about her reaction to seeing the changes in her school:

“I am so happy coming back to school after two years of being at home. We are so happy to find the new things in our school that we did not have before. Some of the things that have excited me, and all the other children, are our new school latrines and the pigs!

Two pupils are back to school in their uniforms, standing next to 3 of the new pigs
A male teacher smiling at 2 piglets

We all thought pigs were dirty animals, but when I came to school and found them, I have realized that they are not dirty when you take good care of them. I want to learn how to take care of the pigs so that I can start keeping them at home to help my family.”

Our sponsorship team have been hard at work visiting every school in our sponsorship programme as they have reopened. They have been checking in on sponsored children and following up on children who have not yet reported back. However, it’s not just our staff encouraging children to return, as Miriam explained:

I know some of our friends have not yet returned but we are encouraging them to come back to school because they are missing out on the new things and their studies.

Now that children are in education again, our staff will be supporting teachers, families, and children as they settle back into school life whilst recovering from the toll of 2 years of disrupted learning.

We are so grateful to each and every child sponsor, whose support is helping change lives through education in East Africa.

Write to your sponsored child!

With children now back in school, there’s never been a better time for sponsors to send a message to your child! The easiest way is to send your message to [email protected] and our sponsorship office in Uganda will deliver your message to your sponsored child. For ideas and guidelines, as well as a postal address, please click on the image below:

Two girls are happy to be back at school