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The Gift of Rain

Thanks to the incredible support of people like you, one school in Uganda has recently been transformed by the gift of rain through the provision of a new water source. 

Students at Ongoromo Primary School in Eastern Uganda share use of a nearby borehole with the local community. This borehole was not able to cope with the high demand for water resulting in frequent breakdowns of the pump. During these breakdowns the school community had limited access to clean water and the school would struggle to afford the cost of repairs.

The staff and students were delighted to receive new rainwater harvesting tanks. These tanks capture and store rainwater, providing a low-cost additional water source for the school.  

The gift of rain

A great relief

Madam Filder, a senior teacher, shared how this new water source will benefit the students, especially the girls.

“The water tanks are a great relief to the girls in the school. We used to suffer a lot looking after the girls during their periods, especially if the borehole needed repairs. I am glad the tanks provide many litres of water every rainy season. I am so grateful that the girls won’t suffer again.”

We are so grateful for your support in providing this water source which will benefit both staff and students at Ongoromo Primary School. You have helped to improve the students’ hygiene, especially helping girls to manage their periods at school.