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Children and families across East Africa are facing a hunger crisis this Christmas. Your support can give hope. 

Right now, millions of children and families across East Africa are facing the perfect storm. Struggling to recover from the pandemic, already vulnerable communities have been devastated by failed harvests and extreme weather. Now, the invasion of Ukraine has led to a cost of living crisis, leading the most vulnerable to struggle to afford food and basic essentials.

Noreen is 9 years old and lives in Eastern Uganda. Along with her siblings, Noreen used to enjoy two meals every day but drought and soaring prices are leading to hunger in her family.

“We have not harvested any food since last year as the rain did not come, and the sun is burning our crops. On good days, we have one meal at 5pm and that is all. I hate going to school hungry as I cannot concentrate due to the hunger pains. My parents worry every day about when our next meal will come.”

Together, we can reach and support 2,620 vulnerable children and their families. You can give hope this Christmas, but we need to act now.

  • I was hungry and you gave me something to eat

    £18 can provide a child like Noreen, their family and school with the skills and tools to establish sustainable feeding programmes so they can grow their own food

  • I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink

    £52 can provide a family like Noreen’s with access to a safe water supply close to their home which will allow children to go to school and to be healthy

  • I was a stranger, and you invited me in

    £107 can help girls feel valued, be treated equally, and supported to stay in school

We can stand with ‘the least of these’ in East Africa this Christmas and give hope. We need to act now to transform lives.