Vocational Training Institute

Unlocking Potential with Vocational Training

Vocational Training Institute

Unlocking Potential through Vocational Training

Vocational Training Institute

Unlocking Potential through Vocational Training

A tragic past

Gulu, Northern Uganda, is an area which has been scarred and impoverished by years of brutal conflict, where children were kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers. These former child soldiers are now young adults, many of them suffering the trauma of their childhood, many of them with their own children.

An entire generation of young people who missed out on their education face high levels of youth unemployment and limited opportunity.

A hope-filled future

The Vocational Training Institute is helping transform this post-conflict area by providing the opportunity of new skills and employment to hundreds of young people. The Vocational Training Institute is founded on Christian values and will contribute significantly to fostering a skills-based economy by producing job creators, not just job seekers.

This student-centred environment has excellent teaching, pastoral care, trauma counselling and mentoring that promotes the health and well-being of vulnerable young people. Students are equipped with vocational skills in a holistic, Christian environment which will enable them to flourish both professionally and spiritually. They are given the opportunity to realise their potential and earn a living so they can support their families.

Fields of Life’s Vocational Training Institute skills young people in Building construction; Carpentry; Tailoring, Fashion and Design; Cosmetology, Hair and Beauty; Hotel and Catering. The institute also trains students in ICT and business skills to build their businesses.

Be part of this exciting story, a new narrative about a new Africa – one which focuses on the immense opportunity, hope and love that exists and is so evident in the young people of Uganda.

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